Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Lower down your expenditure to save money for future!!

Money saving apps is a combination of saving calculator and expense tracker which let you save lots of money. As new month start approaching, download a money saving app on your smartphone device in order to manage your finances. In order to manage your finances all you need to have a right budget scheme and an expense tracking equipment or a tool. So here we have listed few money saving apps which lower down your expenses to increase your savings.

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Bill Guard

Bill guard is the most prominent budgeting app which is absolutely free and is available in the market. Download this app to your mobile device which tracks your expenditure. You do not have to bother writing your daily expenses, all you have to add your account details during installation. This app sends you a notification if the app finds any suspicious charges debited from your account. So manage your expenses and increase your savings.


Mint is the most popular financing app which tracks on your finance activities including savings, checking, retirement. This app tracks your spending way and displays your budget in the form of graphs. This statistics gives you a clear view of total net worth and cash you have spent. For security measures, you need to enter your credential details like the password. You can also deactivate your account via Mint website.


Digit is the most renowned savings app which analyzes your savings, all you need to connect this app with your account. This app grabs the small amount of money from your bank account in order to save money for your future. This app sends you a notification about how much money it takes from your account. So download this app from google play store and save your money for your future.

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