Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Customize your smartphone device with mesmerizing Wallpapers!!

Looking for an online tool to make your mobile device look superior? Here we have listed few wallpapers app which will give your mobile device a new and mesmerizing look. In order to change the look, if you do not want to customize or change the theme of your smartphone, then you can change the wallpaper of your mobile device to give it a new elegant look.


Wallrox is one of the known wallpaper apps which come with many bright and sharp handmade wallpaper options. These handmade wallpapers are designed by the famous artist Ankit Anand which comes with a resolution of 3200*2560 pixels. You can easily and quickly download various wallpapers from Wallrox at free of cost. If you have selected wallpaper and then you want to change it again then you can make another selection as well.

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Tapet is one of the most popular apps which are gaining immense popularity day by day. You cannot see various wallpapers in the app as this app generates the magnificent wallpaper designed for you according to your needs. All you have to make few selections like the pattern which you want to change and the color which makes the wallpaper look sharp and bright. This app generates the wallpaper which is compatible with your device’s resolution.


Zedge is an incredible app by which you can not only change your wallpaper but you can also change the various tones including ringtone, notification tone, alarm tone, and many other tones. You can search wallpapers according to your wish as this app comes with different categories which you can choose according to your need. So download the Zedge app on your mobile device to give your mobile phone a new and mesmerizing look.

Lower down your expenditure to save money for future!!

Money saving apps is a combination of saving calculator and expense tracker which let you save lots of money. As new month start approaching, download a money saving app on your smartphone device in order to manage your finances. In order to manage your finances all you need to have a right budget scheme and an expense tracking equipment or a tool. So here we have listed few money saving apps which lower down your expenses to increase your savings.

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Bill Guard

Bill guard is the most prominent budgeting app which is absolutely free and is available in the market. Download this app to your mobile device which tracks your expenditure. You do not have to bother writing your daily expenses, all you have to add your account details during installation. This app sends you a notification if the app finds any suspicious charges debited from your account. So manage your expenses and increase your savings.


Mint is the most popular financing app which tracks on your finance activities including savings, checking, retirement. This app tracks your spending way and displays your budget in the form of graphs. This statistics gives you a clear view of total net worth and cash you have spent. For security measures, you need to enter your credential details like the password. You can also deactivate your account via Mint website.


Digit is the most renowned savings app which analyzes your savings, all you need to connect this app with your account. This app grabs the small amount of money from your bank account in order to save money for your future. This app sends you a notification about how much money it takes from your account. So download this app from google play store and save your money for your future.

Get money back and free talk time by downloading various apps!!

If you want to recharge your mobile device online then you can recharge your phone or any other electronic gadget without paying any online charges. Downloading these recharge apps on your mobile device, in order to receive money back, free talk times, and different kind of vouchers by which you can purchase various things from Flipkart, snapdeal, amazon, and many other online portals.
In order to access these recharge apps, you have to first install the app on your device and sign into it with your contact number. As you have entered your mobile number, you will get a One Time Password code as a message. You have to type the same code during verification mode while signing up. As you have entered into the app, you will see few promotions and offers like money back, vouchers, and many other free talk time options in your account. You will find a code for reference by which you can share the referral link to your friend. If he signs up the app with your referral link and with your code then you and your friend will get free money back.

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You can download these free recharge apps which we have mentioned below in order to receive money back, voucher, and free talk time:

Avoid Junk foods and eat healthy!!

Today, maintaining a good health is one of the most difficult tasks. Many junk foods like pizza, burger, and many other tasty foods are trying to kill our health. In order to maintain good health, we must avoid eating junk foods and start taking healthy diet. There are many healthy diet apps and nutrition apps for your android mobile phone present in the market which you can download from Google Play store. Here we have listed few health related apps which help you in maintaining your health.

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Calorie Counter and Diet Tracker

Calorie Counter and Diet Tracker is one of the best app by which you can lose your weight by tracking on your diet chart. You have to mention your daily diet which you are taking in lunch, breakfast or in dinner. This app is equipped with different tools including carb counting tools, exercise demos, calorie charts, and many other reporting tools which help you accomplish your daily target and to reach your goals. This app also provides various healthy diet recipes written by different health experts.

Lose weight without dieting

Lose weight without dieting app is very simple and easy to use app which helps you losing your weight. All you have to do is to enter or mention your diet taken during breakfast, lunch, dinner, and at different intervals and this app tells you how healthy your meal was or not. This app also calculates total calories taken, protein, fats, and carbs are taken on a daily basis. If due to some reason you forget to enter your daily meal then this app will send you a notification. Apart from diet chart, this app records your steps taken during running, walking. This app also takes record of the duration for jumping or swimming.

Enhance your fitness with these fitness apps!!

Nowadays, many brands are launching their fitness trackers in order to track your daily routine and to help you get in the desired shape. Apart from fitness trackers, you will find a wide variety of fitness apps to track your diet and exercise routine anytime from anywhere, which in turn will keep you healthy.
Indeed there are so many health apps that can make it hard for you to decide the best. Here we have commuted few fitness apps which might help you in better selection.

Google Fit

Google come up with Google Fitness app which keeps track on your steps that you have taken while walking, running, and riding. It tracks your fitness activities like push-ups or sit-ups. Google fit collects your data from various other apps and analyze that data on statistics and tells you where you need to improve and what you need to do to get fit. Apart from this, Google fit is compatible with many wearable like Xiaomi bands and various fitness trackers.

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Lifesum is the beat health coach which guide you where you need to make effort. This app comes with various features like calories burned, food menu that you have taken which will keep track on your nutrition, sends you a notification in order to remind you to drink water. This app is compatible with various android wear devices. So download LifeSum app to receive various notification which might help you to enhance your fitness.