Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Enhance your fitness with these fitness apps!!

Nowadays, many brands are launching their fitness trackers in order to track your daily routine and to help you get in the desired shape. Apart from fitness trackers, you will find a wide variety of fitness apps to track your diet and exercise routine anytime from anywhere, which in turn will keep you healthy.
Indeed there are so many health apps that can make it hard for you to decide the best. Here we have commuted few fitness apps which might help you in better selection.

Google Fit

Google come up with Google Fitness app which keeps track on your steps that you have taken while walking, running, and riding. It tracks your fitness activities like push-ups or sit-ups. Google fit collects your data from various other apps and analyze that data on statistics and tells you where you need to improve and what you need to do to get fit. Apart from this, Google fit is compatible with many wearable like Xiaomi bands and various fitness trackers.

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Lifesum is the beat health coach which guide you where you need to make effort. This app comes with various features like calories burned, food menu that you have taken which will keep track on your nutrition, sends you a notification in order to remind you to drink water. This app is compatible with various android wear devices. So download LifeSum app to receive various notification which might help you to enhance your fitness.

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